dec | 2022
Kiki Sushi
Japanese food delivery
Kiki Sushi is a small delivery service where one person does it all — cooking sushi, making deliveries, shooting content, managing social media, and promoting the business. Despite being a one-person operation, the owner had ambitions for growth and expansion.

Naming | Brand Platform | Visual identity | Communication
Since sushi originates from Japan, we transformed the brand owner into a Japanese character, placing sushi in her hands. Japan is a vibrant country, and inspired by the style of young Japanese individuals, Japanese animations, and incredible packaging design, we decided to showcase sushi in vivid and colorful representations.
After developing a content plan and defining the visual aesthetic, we embarked on capturing content for Kiki Sushi.

Given that social media is the primary source of customer traffic for the sushi restaurant, we created a cohesive grid of 9 Instagram posts that provided immediate answers to customers' questions. Additionally, we created Highlights featuring the most important moments, serving as an automated ordering guide for customers.
Following the same principle, we extended our efforts to other social media platforms and began working on the website.

The main goal of the website was simplicity since customers would already be familiar with the brand and the products through social media. The website's purpose was to facilitate product ordering and delivery arrangements.

Currently, we continue our collaboration with the brand, assisting with restaurant decoration and consistently creating new content for social media platforms.